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About us

We are growers of export table
grapes, fresh fruit and raisins.

At Natural Chile we have been producers since 1996, we work with fresh grapes, apples, raisins, prunes, and soon cherries.

We have the privilege of having 800 hectares in the North of Chile, in the Atacama Region, near to the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world! There, nature offers us the best weather conditions for the production of Premium Grapes with exportation quality.

Thanks to the efforts of our team, we obtain 1,000,000 boxes of grapes and 10,0000 tons of raisins, we are the largest producer of raisins and Red Globe grapes in Chile.

In love with the benefits of the land in Curicó, Maule Region, in 2018 we obtained 150 hectares for the planting of apples of the varieties Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Scarlett (Red Delicious).

We are currently working our fields to offer soon cherries of the Regina, Santina and Lapins varieties.

Without a doubt, our growth has been thanks to our workers, who today number more than 350, all dedicated to teamwork, and, especially thanks to the clients who have placed their trust in our company. We invite you to be part of this beautiful team.

The most important for us is to offer a Premium Product to our customers.


We want you to know more about our company and products, we invite you to download our presentation and brochure.

Our Story

We have been in the dried fruit business since 1996, since then, we have been growing steadily, today we export to more than 40 countries around the world, we believe in teamwork, long-term relationships with our customers, hard work ,  honesty; and we are committed to improving every day.

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